Among those who work with heavy-duty lawn mowers on a regular basis, reputation is of prime importance. Landscaping and lawn care professionals, as well as hardcore homeowners, speak one brand name with well-earned respect—Scag mowers in Apopka, FL.

Manufactured by Scag Power Equipment since 1983, this brand is one those in the know trust and rely upon for the heavy demands of lawn maintenance on a grand scale. To find out more about the merits of Scag mowers, turn to Apopka Mower & Equipment Repair.

Our company sells and repairs the top brands of lawn mowers. We can give you four good reasons to purchase a Scag:

  • Made in America
  • High-Grade Metal Construction
  • Extensive Product Research & Testing
  • Careful Attention to Details During Manufacturing

What Type of Mower Do You Need?

The Scag you choose for your work or yard depends on how you use it. Talk to us about your demands, and we help you find the mower that meets your needs. Choose from these types of Scag mowers:

  • Walk-Behind Mower – When you need equipment that allows you to navigate a variety of terrain, mow in tight spaces, and maneuver easily, select this model of mower.
  • Stand-On Mower – Small spaces, tight turns, and sloping landscapes demand the control you get from a stand-on mower.
  • Commercial Lawn Mower – The more grass there is to mow, the bigger the need for equipment that’s built tough, offers a smooth ride, and handles a variety of landscapes.


Contact us today to look over our selection of reputable Scag mowers.

We proudly serve customers in Apopka, Florida, and the surrounding areas.